Spill It!: Sophie Elgort

In some form or another, photography has always been a part of Sophie Elgort’s life. Whether it was on set with her dad Arthur Elgort, or snapping pictures of her friends for fun...
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Spill It!: Stephanie Nass

Stephanie Nass developed her passion for cooking when she was in high school in France. Today, Stephanie is known as Chefanie: a professional chef who brings her creative sense to the table.
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Spill It!: Neely & Chloe

To kick off our new series 'Spill It!' Neely and Chloe answered the quick fire questions our upcoming guests will be tested with and we take a look inside Neely's handbag
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185 Franklin Street: The Atelier

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we’ve moved! It’s been a busy winter here at Neely & Chloe and as spring creeps in (finally), we’re excited to share a new chapter with you.
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