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Neely & Chloe We moved down to Tribeca about a year and a half ago and love the flexibility that living in downtown Manhattan has given us. Since moving here, we’ve gotten to explore and learn about a new neighborhood and also have the ability to jump onto almost any subway line and get to so many of New York’s most desirable areas. We’re even near the water, which Chloe loves for running, and I love the fact that I can give my pup Winnie a little break from the chaos of the city. "I definitely am a morning person. I like to get up each day around 6:30 AM to work out. It's always so quiet and peaceful compared to the rest of the day in New York! I always wake up and make my bed right away (I think it's just a habit at this point), then work out, shower, and head to work. I don't really have a nightly ritual except for the fact that I like to go to bed early! I normally watch some TV (Friends is my go-to), and then I'm usually asleep by 10 PM." - Chloe Neely & Chloe Living together and living right near the office is also a luxury in itself. Even though we're close in proximity to the studio, we've made it a priority to draw some separation and make our home a sanctuary. We love that we’ve been able to create a space where our friends like to spend time. Our favorite part about this apartment is our bright, open kitchen and the fact that we have space for a dining room table (fellow New Yorkers, you know what a rarity this can be!). Neely & Chloe Neely & Chloe "I am a little bit more of a night owl. I like to round out the night with a cup of tea or glass of wine – depending on my mood – on the couch (with Winnie- shhhhhh don’t tell Chloe!) and usually unwind while watching a fun TV show." - Neely Neely & Chloe Similar to how we interact with colleagues and professional contacts, we love to invite people into what we're doing with our home, and when we can, include our friends and family in the process. We’ve always found a lot of interior inspiration from our childhood home. Often, we watched in awe as our parents collected pieces from different times and places in their life and pulled our house together in a coherent, beautiful way.

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Hopefully, Chloe and I have been able to follow in their footsteps. I like to think that our respective spaces in the apartment embody our personalities. My preferences are a little more classic and clean, while Chloe likes a more feminine aesthetic. Nevertheless, it all seems to come together well in our shared spaces - similarly to the way we design handbags. - Neely Burch

Neely & Chloe

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