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“In a fashion era they see as disposable and ephemeral, Neely & Chloe hope to sell treasured things, things that are treated more like heirlooms than impulse buys.”

“Aspiring for the same level of quality as bigger name, high-end designers, the eponymous founders say their mission is to create an aspirational¬†yet attainable¬†lifestyle brand, which rejects mass-production and refuses to compromise on quality”

” So good, in fact, that it got me compliments from a prominent fashion editor with expensive taste. (He stopped to tell me it’s “so chic” and ask where I got it; “Isn’t it?” I replied, “It’s from Neely & Chloe, and it is $168.”) “

The Packable Bucket Bag

The Zip Tote Vachetta

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