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Packing for India

My upcoming trip to India has me thinking about the importance of travel for both life and work. For starters, it aligns so much with Neely & Chloe's "&" concept and the way women today are always juggling so much (at once)! All of us are constantly running around trying to enjoy our own cities. Given how much Chloe and I have been on the road this past year, traveling has taught us to keep an open mind and remain curious about other cultures, places, and people - I'm confident India will not disappoint in that department!
Going back to our "&" concept, I'm currently figuring out what to pack for both occasions. Although I’d love to think of myself as the type of girl that can throw just a few things in a bag and be off to globetrot— sadly, I'm a chronic over-packer— so our Weekender would never get me through ten days in India. However, we are taking an overnight trip or two, so this time around I'll also bring two smaller suitcases and use my Weekender for our mini trips! It’s one of those bags that works when it's stuffed to the gills, but also when you just have a few key items that you need for an overnight trip. Some of these things include a mini pillow - like the one from our friends at Hill House Home. I also always bring a big scarf, which functions perfectly as a blanket when need be! Finally, I have to make sure I have a good moisturizer. I’ve been working on a better beauty routine lately, so I'll try and stay on top of it while I'm traveling!
I'm excited to be there for both work and pleasure. We will be sourcing materials and exploring new product categories for the brand, and I'll also be attending a wedding. In my downtime, I’m looking forward to exploring new cities like New Delhi and Jaipur. I’ve always been a bit of a history nerd, so I'm excited by the opportunity to learn more about these enriching destinations. I’m also excited to get to experience the culture both personally and professionally.
When it comes to our N&C travel essentials there are a few obvious ones, like the Passport Cover, Weekender, and of course, the Travel Wallet. I tend to get a little scattered, and these products help me keep everything in place, which in turn, keeps me from losing things! I will also definitely have my Cosmetic Pouch in tow. It's lined so that if (and usually when) some of my lotions and potions spill; I can wipe it right out. Finally, the newest addition to the group is my Vanity Case. Chloe and I both have a bit of a soft spot for big earrings, and this is the perfect structured case for jewelry and anything a little more fragile.
At N&C we're continually refining our assortment to include travel items that cater to the wanderlust in us all. Needless to say, I'm excited to grab my passport, pack up my favorite resort dresses, and fly into the new year in style. You can follow along with my adventures at @neelyandchloe, and we invite you to show us your travel essentials too! We're always in the market for new tips and tricks on packing, travel, and style. Bon Voyage! - Neely Burch
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