Spill It! with Melanie Travis

We’re at that point in the season where we’re setting our sights on warmer weather - and all of the style opportunities that come with it! Enter today’s Spill It! interview with our friend and fellow design entrepreneur Melanie Travis of the New York-based swimwear brand, Andie. Andie has become our go-to for refined one-piece swimsuits, and to put it simply, we love that the brand is made by women and for women. Knowing this, and with our shared appreciation for affordable luxury, we recently met with Melanie during a quiet moment at her home-away-from-home, The Wing. She later joined us for a visit to our showroom in Tribeca where we chatted business, warm weather, and what's on her seasonal wish-list. Discover more and enjoy today's episode featuring Neely and Melanie in conversation.
Spill It! Introductions, please! Hi! I’m Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie. Andie is a global e-commerce brand disrupting the market for women’s swimwear. I was born in Paris, raised in New York City, and haven’t strayed too far since. I built my career in the New York City startup scene – first at Foursquare, then Kickstarter, and most recently at BarkBox before I left to start Andie.
Neely & Chloe
Spill It! We love that Andie is all about making swimwear shopping simple. How do you think the idea of simplicity impacts all aspects of your life? The idea of simplicity permeates my entire life, from the way that I dress to the way I that approach business and everything in between. Life is too busy, and there’s too much going on all the time to make things needlessly complicated!
Neely & Chloe Neely & Chloe
Spill It! What is your favorite Andie swimsuit and which N&C bag would you pair it with? My favorite Andie suit changes all the time. We recently made some fit adjustments to the Catalina style, and that’s risen to the top. We dropped the V neck lower, and I think it’s a really flattering cut for a lot of different body types. I would pair that with The Beach Tote Pebble for a perfect day at the beach!
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Spill It! Do you remember your first beach bag or beach-going experience? What about that memory inspired your design approach to Andie’s swimsuits? Many of my first beach-going experiences (starting as a teenager) were honestly filled with dread because I hated shopping for a swimsuit before the beach, and inevitably felt really uncomfortable in whatever swimsuit I ended up with. So when I started Andie, I knew I wanted our line to feel timeless and elegant, but also practical and versatile. I like to swim, but I also like to sip martinis poolside, and I wanted a swimsuit that I could look and feel great in while also doing both of those things.
Neely & Chloe Spill It! Who are some women in your life that have really jump-started your career or love for design? Who would you say is your “& muse.” This is probably a corny answer, but I would have to say my wife, Leah. Leah has great style – she’s sophisticated and elegant, but also just effortlessly cool. She really supported my taking the plunge to start my own business, and then helped to steer the Andie design into something that could have broad appeal. Spill It! Can we look inside your bag right now? Yes! You’ll find a large tub of Vaseline. Boxing hand wraps. A laptop. A cell phone charger. Dog treats too! Neely & Chloe
Spill It! With Spring around the corner, what is one thing you want to change or improve upon? Last year I was completely heads down in Andie trying to create a strong foundation for the brand. It was a rewarding year, but in many ways extremely stressful and I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with my family. This year, I’m making more of an effort to plan weekend trips with my wife and our dog, and to go on date nights in the city. To just live a little! The business will survive. I live in one of the greatest cities in the world, and I don’t take nearly enough advantage of it.
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