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Tell us a little about yourselves

D:  Danielle is the big sis. She likes to read and ride horses.
G: I’m Gabby Prescod and I’m the little sis! I’m a Taurus who loves to shop (even when I shouldn’t) and am a proud barn mom to my sister.


I see that you both have pretty similar jobs in fashion industry but at different companies. Do you feel as if you cross paths a lot with work?

D: Sure, kind of the same as much as I would with any other editor out there. We don’t work together in that sense though and we never have.
G: We definitely cross paths a lot just because thats the nature of being a fashion editor. Going to events, press previews, dinners, shows, etc. is part of the job but its nice when the PR knows that we’re both coming because they sit us together or try to coordinate us so we can come at the same time.

Do you two live together? If so, what is the best and most difficult part of living with your sister?

D: We do not live together. Sometimes when we go on trips we share a room and the hardest part about that is how long Gabrielle takes to get ready.
G: We don’t live together which I think is a good thing. We always say we could live in the same building but not in the same apartment…but I guess that would depend on the apartment. I’m sure we could work something out if someone was offering up a penthouse! I think the most difficult thing about living with Danielle would be her constant need for her living space to be baseline like 80 degrees. She will blast the heat when its like 65 degrees. I cannot live like that.

Have you both always wanted to work in fashion? If not, did you have any other career aspirations growing up?

D: I wanted to be a photographer first and then a doctor for a little while. I ended up falling into magazines because writing came easily and I had always loved clothing.
G: I always knew I wanted to do something creative but I didn’t really know what kind of options were available when I was younger because no one I knew worked in the creative field! I wanted to be a talk show host though for a really long time. Oprah was a HUGE inspiration to me so I guess that’s how I reconciled having a job that was creative.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

D: Sounds corny but I will say my mom and grandmother. The more of a woman I become, the more I start to realize how hard this shit is.
G: It’s hard to point out one person who was my biggest inspiration but LOL based on my last answer…Oprah was a huge inspiration to me. I loved her from a young age for the sole reason that she had a talk show but then I learned more about her personal story as I got older. I realized how much harder she had to work to overcome so many obstacles, especially as a black woman, to get to wear she is. Now she’s one of the richest women in the world.

Any advice for young women starting out in the fashion industry or in the work force in general?

D: Be humble and be eager.
G: Stay hungry and always be nice to everyone! Complacency is dangerous.

Spill it! Can we take a look inside your bag?

D: Inside my bag: 2 cell phone chargers, air pods, gum, probably leggings and a sports bra, blue light glasses, business cards, wallet and keys.
G: I have a portable charger and phone cord, gum, apartment keys, house keys (to my parents house in Westchester. I always would forget them so now I just carry them around with me all the time), a metro card, birth control pills, limp balm, air pods, AfterBite (because I’ve been getting eaten alive this summer), two hair ties, an eyelash brush, sunglasses, and my wallet (filled with ID, business cards, credit cards, gift cards).

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