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Tell us a little about yourself

I have a background in traditional styling- red carpet, editorial, advertising, etc. I’ve lived in NY for six years, previously in LA. I don’t do so much celebrity dressing anymore, I now work more directly with brands on a range of creative and strategic projects.


Have you always wanted to become a stylist? If so, at what age did you realize that this was your passion?

I always loved fashion. I wanted to be a designer from a very young age, around age 4, I swear. I came home from a day of shopping with my Nonna and started drawing clothes. Eventually I went to school for fashion design, but upon graduation was a little burnt out. This was 2006 and “styling” was just becoming a more publicized career. Two weeks after graduation, I started assisting one of the top celebrity stylists in LA and it just stuck with me. After years of assisting various stylists, I ventured out on my own. As I mentioned I don’t do so much red carpet work, I now focus more on the brand side. 

 Your style has evolved so much since the start of your career, what has impacted you as 
you’ve grown as a stylist?

A combination of age and experience. I think everyone experiments the most with their own style during their 20’s. Now that I’m in my 30’s I’ve learned what works best on not only my body, but all body types. Also with age and experience comes confidence, which is the most important thing to have with any look. 

 Fast 5 questions:

Sneakers or heels?

Lipstick or chapstick?

Statement earring or stud?

Tote or crossbody? Tot
Early bird or night owl?
Early bird 

 Best investment piece that you own?

An (old) Celine black cocktail dress. Honestly anything old Celine! 

Spill it! Can we take a look inside your handbag?

The usual boring stuff- wallet, keys, AirPods, gum, and sunglasses. I always have hand sanitizer and hand lotion, and usually have a few lip products- chapstick, Tom Ford lipstick, Pat McGrath gloss. Also a Kjaer Weiss compact comes with me pretty much everywhere. 

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