Spill It! With Nell Diamond

Spill It! with Nell Diamond

It’s one thing to have a dream, but there’s something to be said for working hard to make that dream turn into a reality. That's where today's Spill It! story comes in thanks to our inspiring conversation with our friend and fellow entrepreneur Nell Diamond. As a brand-builder, mom, fashion influencer & more, Nell is the embodiment of the ampersand lifestyle. She is also the founder of Hill House Home, which is a favorite of ours at N&C, as the brand boasts a variety of elevated sleepwear and accessories. And on top of running a successful luxury lifestyle company, Nell is perhaps one of the chicest moms we know. With all of that said, enjoy today’s interview - and podcast episode -featuring Neely and Nell in conversation about the importance of sleep, creating customer experiences, and making things happen.
Spill It! Introductions, please! My name is Nell Diamond, and I'm the Founder & CEO of Hill House Home, a lifestyle brand for the bed and the home based in NYC.
Neely & Chloe
Spill It! How would you describe your style and what does “accessible luxury” mean to you? My personal style is just a little extra - I love to dress up, and I'm a magpie - can't get enough sparkle and shine! To me, luxury is all about having an emotional reaction to the things you surround yourself with. Put simply - it's about only buying things that bring you joy. Especially in the home, our surroundings have such a huge impact on how we live our lives - so why not love those surroundings completely?
Neely & Chloe Neely & Chloe
Spill It! Any tips and tricks for falling asleep or having a better night’s sleep? Try the app "Headspace" before bed for seven days. There's a guided "Sleeping" series that is basically ten minutes of a very nice British man's voice lulling you to sleep. At the end of the seven days, you'll begin to have a Pavlovian response when you hear his voice, and you'll fall asleep around minute two!
Neely & Chloe Spill It! What excites you the most about what you’re building with Hill House Home? The name Hill House Home comes from two different places - the school my older brother went to in London, where I grew up, and the street that my graduate school was on in New Haven. We have such an intimate relationship with our customers; they're allowing us into the most sacred space of their homes - the bedroom. It's been incredible to see how much trust our customers have with us. They're trusting us to create this cocoon of happiness and sleep in their homes, and we don't take that responsibility lightly! It's been really exciting the past few months to see that trust grow - last month we did a gender reveal for this incredible couple. They had their doctor call us to tell us the gender of their baby, and then we monogrammed "BABY GIRL!" on a pillow and hand-delivered it to them to open together. We were all crying in the office - what an insane experience! Neely & Chloe
Spill It! What was your most memorable dream in recent months? Oh gosh, so many dreams. My favorite one recently was about a really fun birthday party. I woke up wanting cake!
Neely & Chloe
Spill It! Can we look inside your bag right now?
Yes! You will find: My wallet, makeup (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the lightest shade, Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, Able Cosmetics Eyeliner), and keys with a Smythson keychain gifted to me by my friend Kimmy Scotti when we opened up the first HHH store in December. You'll also find my favorite heart- shaped sunglasses by Saint Laurent and a Health Warrior Chia Bar in Chocolate Peanut Butter. Oh! I also have two tiny little passport photos - one of my son, Henry, and one of my husband, Teddy.
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