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Photography by Jessica Amerson

Spill it! Introductions, please!

Hi! I'm Gen Sohr, founder of Pencil & Paper Co., mom to Oden (16), wife and business partners with Benjamin (@pandpco_), Nashville transplant for the last 18 years, Miami native and forever color lover! Pencil & Paper Co. is the joyful intersection of retail, editorial and community! We're reimagining the shopping experience for women through our daily curated content, whimsical product collaborations (Anthropologie, Neely & Chloe, Sugar Paper, Printfresh) and monthly Happy Mail Box subscription. We’re building a creative community while championing and celebrating female-owned brands along the way! Think of us as your chic best friend who happily shares her favorite fashion finds, decorating discoveries, entertaining tips, and undiscovered travel gems with all of her best girlfriends (that’s you!).  


What was the inspiration behind Pencil & Paper Co?

P+P began with our passion for colorful and pattern-filled interiors and love for creating a beautiful home.  Quickly, the brand evolved as our incredibly loyal Instagram community began to inquire about our print-happy fashion choices, curated guides around the places that we travel, and how we entertain at home. After an extensive 20-year career helping bring big brands to life with Gap Inc. and Limited Brands, we are now creating a more personalized and accessible way to make shopping fun and daily life more joyful!


We can see that you have quite a love for bright colors and patterns, whether it’s a fabric in your home or an article of clothing! Has this always been a passion of yours?

Yes! I think that I have always been drawn to happy, joyful, bright colors, all with a traditional twist. That’s why you see red, white and blue coming up a lot...I love those classic primaries along with touches of green!


If you had to describe your style in one word, what would it be and why?

Happy! I’m drawn to joyful colors and patterns...and always a mix, whether it’s of old and new, playful and sophisticated, or high and low!


On top of running Pencil & Paper Co., you’re also a lover of interior design and all things home. As you may know, Neely is in the process of decorating her new house. Do you have one piece of advice for someone during this process? 

Create a space that brings you joy, a home that’s a reflection of you and your family that is collected over time, filled with pieces that remind you of travel adventures and a life well lived.


Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you can tell us about?! ;) 

We’re beyond thrilled to see our collaboration with Neely & Chloe come to life this holiday season! We of course have some really exciting things in store for our Happy Mail Box and P+P Creative Club events in 2022. We might even be working on our very own collection! Stay tuned!


Spill it! Can we take a look inside your bag right now? 

Only the essentials! Sephora liquid lipstick in 'Chili Pepper,' credit card, cellphone and Celine cat eye sunglasses!

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