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Spill it! Introductions, please!

Hi! I’m Amanda Penza, founder of The Home Revival, a home organization business helping clients create an organized lifestyle that is achievable and, more importantly, maintainable. Living in the Philly suburbs, I’m married to my wonderful husband (and sometimes THR’s go to handyman) Alex and I’m mom to Franklin (our 2 year old French Bulldog who is king of the castle). Having recently moved into our new home, house projects and decorating take up almost all of our free time. 

Tell us a little about how you got into organization and how you decided to build a career out of it.

Starting at a young age, I learned that I was someone who SIGNIFICANTLY benefited from having order with systems in place. I found myself easily distracted from homework to “put things away and clean up my space.” I realized when I had things in order, distractions weren’t an issue. Fast forward, I graduated from Boston College and began a career in sports marketing and realized after some time, I wanted to make a change, though not quite sure what or how. In the interim, I had started helping family and friends with reorganizing their spaces to make sense for their lifestyle. A family friend (hi PB!) clued me into the whole business side of home organization that was out there and showed me that people were interested in what I could offer. As they say, the rest was history. Since 2018, working for myself has been the biggest blessing and —while challenging at times— I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is the most challenging and most rewarding part of your job?

At times, the most challenging aspect is the business side of being your own boss. The accounting aspect, business growth development, etc.— it doesn’t come as easy to a Communications major with a Marketing concentration. However, I enjoy learning all of that, and feeling more confident as time goes. The most rewarding aspect is revealing to client’s their newly organized space(s) and watching that sense of relief wash over them. Helping clients with spaces that really effect their day-to-day function better and make sense to them… there’s really nothing better. 

Do you have a favorite and least favorite project you’ve worked on?

While I don’t necessarily have a favorite or least favorite project, I do enjoy some spaces of the home more than others. There’s no project that is too small or too large for us to tackle, but some of my favorites are the ones that really impact a client (and even their family’s) day-to-day flow. Maybe you work from home, so getting your office space set up for success can increase your productivity and focus. Or, maybe your mudroom is where you get the kids ready to go out for school or activities, so reworking its setup can make already-hectic mornings run more smoothly. It’s rewarding for me to feel like all of my teams work has really made a difference. 

How long does it typically take from start to finish to complete a project?

Timing really is dependent on two factors: the size of the space and its contents. Of course, this varies from client to client and no two projects are exactly the same.  After an initial consultation with a client, we can provide an estimate of the time we’ll need to spend that is tailored to their space, contents, and ultimately what needs to be done along with an estimate for any necessary product(s). 

Any advice for someone looking to declutter and start organizing their space?

Always start small! If you’re looking to organize a space but unsure where to start, I find it easiest to start with a “bite-size” project. Take on your kitchen junk drawer, your desk drawers, etc.  I’ve actually written a blog post all about starting the organization process which you can find HERE

Do you have one “must have” organizational product you think everyone should have?

I feel like this question would be the equivalent to asking a parent to pick their favorite child! There are so many products that can elevate and maximize a space, but if I had to choose, the real MVP is a good Lazy Susan! They work great for improving access to items stocked high up on a shelf, nestled in deep corners, stowed away under a sink or stored in otherwise hard-to-reach places.

Spill it! What’s in your bag? (What are your handbag essentials?)

Okay so tape measure (duh), mask, hand sanitizer, phone, at least one chapstick (Blistex or my new found favorite Revision Lip Replenisher), AirPods (for everything from handsfree client calls to crushing a good podcast) and then always snacks (Bob’s Red Mill PB&J bars, Lesser Evil popcorn, some type of trail mix and YumEarth gummy bears are the current favorite rotation). Almost forgot my iPad… I have my calendar there along with all client images and notes!

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