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The iPhone Case

When it comes to the introduction of our iPhone Case, it was simply one of those items we had countless requests for over an extended period of time. We are already so proud of our leather and the quality products we’ve been able to create with it; we knew a phone case would be a natural extension.
While there is a little less room for creativity with the phone cases, we managed to keep some refined details that our products have become synonymous with. For instance, our initial (blue) color palette didn't stray too far from our signature brand colors. We also wanted the phone case to mirror our clean, unmarked aesthetic, so we went with a blind embossed logo, so it wasn’t too prominent. Another design detail we considered was customization, so we made sure to leave a lot of space for our customers to use their imagination!
As many of our N&C customers know, we are also always searching for the perfect intersection of form and function, so we added three subtle slip pockets to the back of the case. I personally never thought I’d use this as much, but now I’m lost without it! Trust me; you don’t want to be my partner in crime when I’m digging through my tote bag to find my wallet. These phone cases are now the perfect solution for grab-and-go cards like a subway pass or business card.
With the introduction of this new category, we're excited to continue adding to our collection and building upon the idea of "accessible luxury" for the N&C woman. So, since we're always on our phones anyway, we want to know what other items you have your wish-list for the year ahead. A wallet & laptop case? A travel bag & iPad cover? Send us an email to let us know what items will complete your ampersand lifestyle! - Neely Burch
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