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Our Studio Visit With Tuckernuck

"Community to us is about serving local organizations and individuals. The store has helped us have more of a presence in the DC community - it is a charitable city that reminds us how important it is to give time and proceeds to local organizations and individuals. We have a robust Georgetown and GW internship program as well where we mentor and employ current students in various departments." - September Rinnier and Madeline Grayson
"The quality of Neely & Chloe's bags and the 'classic with a twist' design makes them timeless yet unique. The Tuckernuck girl is always on the go, curious about the world, practical yet stylish and proud to tell the story behind the things she owns. Just like N&C bags, the Tuckernuck girl likes to stand out from the crowd, but in a classic and cool way." - September Rinnier and Madeline Grayson We recently connected with the Tuckernuck team, and even before we knew them personally, we were always so impressed by their commitment to their vision. We just love how on-brand everything on the platform feels, especially since having a streamlined look and feel has always been one of our core pillars at N&C. Naturally, we've continued to be impressed with the way they have presented our products on the site; it’s a great extension of everything we’ve been able to pull together.
Since we launched Neely & Chloe, it's been important to us to work with other businesses who align with both our aesthetic and values. We've been fortunate to partner with so many entrepreneurs, brands, and creatives who wear many hats and embody what it means to truly embrace the "&" lifestyle! And the more we can create a network of fantastic women and great products, the more we can provide a holistic and fresh experience for our customers. That's why we're so excited to share some highlights from our recent DC studio visit with September Rinnier and Madeline Grayson, the talented ladies behind Tuckernuck.
"Something we do every four months is we put together our bucket list, which is inspired by all of the activities we hope to experience that season. It's a great way to engage with our customers and see them not only rocking the clothes we sell but doing awesome, inspiring things through posting photos on Instagram #tuckernucking. Community to us is about embracing adventures with friends and family and giving our time and energy to organizations we care about. Hopefully, we inspire our customers to get outside and live life, meet new people, and give a little bit along the way." - September Rinnier and Madeline Grayson More impressively, the whole team really knows a thing or two about wearing all the hats! They’ve built an incredible team, and everything they produce is nothing short of inspiring. We're constantly impressed by all that they do (and how much they can handle), and hopefully, we can run a team like they do one day. Speaking of future goals, we've had a lot of fun partnering on our existing products with the Tuckernuck team and are planning even more partnerships this year. Stay tuned for something exciting and enjoy this first look at our meeting of the minds! - Neely Burch
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