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drawing drawing drawing Can you give us an overview of your background? So I’m originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I grew up there. I started in New York when I was 15, and I actually moved here and started homeschooling when I was really young. My mom came with me for the first year and then she let me do my own thing. I was modeling for a long time and I started DJing with my best friend, Issac, about three years ago. We got signed with our agency a year ago and we’re now doing mostly fashion events like Daily Front Row. Are you still modeling? I am not with a modeling agency anymore. My whole career I did catalog and Ecom stuff, which was good because you make pretty good money. But I was feeling a little bit bored, and I wanted to try something more creative and something I could work towards so that’s when Issac and I started out DJing. We would go out to the club every night and eventually we knew the club owners. They asked if we would promote for them, and we were like “ew no, but we’ll DJ!” We had no idea what we were doing. We just had our iPhone, but we threw really fun parties and people liked our music so we decided to give it a go. That was three years ago and around that same time I quit modeling and put in a lot of work into learning about DJing. How did you teach yourself to DJ? Issac and I took classes at Scratch. Issac is one of those people who is just good at everything he does, and I’m more of a perfectionist. I want to know how it works so I took classes for two years. I’m actually still taking a class right now. I’m definitely a class person because I like the structure of them. What was the coolest performance you have done? There have been a lot of good ones. We do some night clubs and then we do 6-8pm events. Even at the 6-8pm events, we go off at the end and play Soulja Boy and everything because I think that is why people hire us. We aren’t background music. We love engaging people. We did this one event for Boohoo that really stands out. It was supposed to be 6-8, but we ended up playing until 10 and they were letting people in off the street. Where do you want to end up? What your dream or goal? I am really excited about this music that I am starting to make. It's funny because I was just talking to my therapist about long term goals and how I’ve never really had a long term goal and its something I need to work on and have. I’m more of a what happened today kind of person. I feel like all you can really do in these entrepreneurial jobs that we have chosen is prepare yourself and be the best person you can be and hope someone likes it and picks you. It’s hard. It is not like we went to medical school and there’s a concrete path. drawing What is the first handbag you ever owned? The first one I remember is this shiny silver little mini handbag. It was from Claire’s. How many handbags do you own now? Maybe 5 in heavy rotation. What about a bag makes it worth buying/wearing/keeping? I have two theories about that. I love simplicity and colors. It feels cool to have an understated really well made bag. On the other spectrum, I love crazy shapes. I have a Mickey Mouse shaped bag from Coach that I love. Fringe. Tassels and embellishment because I like to wear jeans and a T-shirt so then the bag can stand out. I also like to have statement pieces because it makes you feel special. What is one thing you already have in your handbag? I have this little fabric bag that I got at a modelling job five years ago and the seamstress there was so sweet. Anytime a new girl would come in, she would sew them a new little pouch. I’ve been using that for the past five years. It’s stained and everything but I still love using it. I just keep cash and my cards in there. It just has stuck with me for so long. How do you feel about the embroidered jean trend? I love it. What is your most embarrassing moment in the last year? My most embarrassing moment was this time that Isac and I were DJing this party for Daily Frontrow for Fashion Week. The entire fashion industry is there. I’m being a little dramatic, but basically everyone is there. So we were playing the music and then they came up and were like ‘Ok, Diane Von Furstenberg is the guest of honor and is going to make a speech so just hand her this mic.’ So she comes up and we hand it to her. She starts speaking and is standing right beside us. Everyone is staring at us, and the mic cuts out in the middle of her speech. She turns around to us and goes ‘well if the DJ’s could just get the mic to start working.’ My face turned beet red. Who is your girl crush? I love Zoe Kravitz. How social media obsessed are you? I am basically on social media for the memes. I love them. I laugh so hard at them. I also follow golden retriever accounts, like videos of puppies trying to lick peanut butter off their nose. Have you ever told a fib on social media? Or the last fib you told? It’s probably just like I’ll be at home doing nothing with no plans and I’ll post a cute old photo making it seem like I’m out Do you want to just keep DJing and creating your own music? Yeah, I think so. I’m so in the beginning stages of learning the software. I’ve recorded the mashups I have now live. Recording live is kind of like doing a crossword puzzle and you mess it up. So I’ve learned the hard way so I am just going to see what happens. The next 6 months is a big career change. It’s a formative period. Do you have any music inspiration sources? My era is early 2000’s hip hop and R&B. My whole ideology is everyone at the party should know every song you play. I’m not an educator. I want everyone to be like “oh my god I love this song! This is awesome.” Nostalgia is my thing. How did you first get involved and interested in fashion, especially coming from a small southern football town? I was really into sewing from when I was really young. My mom had this old sewing machine that she would teach me on. I wasn’t really that into using patterns or anything, but I was just kind of messing around and making my own clothes. I actually wore my own shirt that I made to a casting when I was 15, which was actually a little questionable. I was always getting sent home from school because I was wearing dresses that were too short. What are your go-to wardrobe staples? Chuck Taylors or Timberlines if it is snowing. I have a ton of crazy pants. The more patterns the better. Jeans or velvet pants. Tshirts. Coach Jackets. I’m obsessed with Coach Shearling jackets. Have you always had a love for music or is that new found? I think it was there from the beginning. Everybody down south is really into hip hop music and Southern rappers. We were listening to Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Outkast. Our pet rabbit in science class was named Weezy. Everyone was really into YouTube rappers, like Souja Boy. It laid the ground work. Did you use to have a southern accent? I think I use to, but I just kind of lost it. What is the best perk of being a DJ? I think the best times are when you have the party going off. It’s the best feeling in the world when you can see people are into your music and you just get into the zone. It’s so much fun. Do you feel like you have had a big break? Probably getting signed with our agency last year was amazing. They handle so many amazing artists and it’s nice to have someone believe in you. drawing
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