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Today we’re chatting with one of our very favorite creatives—Laura Bosshardt. Laura is the heart, soul (and endless energy!) behind Laura Line Calligraphy. Once you know her distinctive style, you’ll start to see it in all the lust worthy corners of your Instagram. From the chic-est weddings, to the most elevated, dinner parties, Laura’s work is unmistakable. When I was looking to create a birth announcement for my son that felt both classic, yet fresh, Laura immediately came to mind. We had so much fun playing with the uber traditional birth announcement, layering on Laura’s quintessential element of flare.  Laura’s iconic squiggles provided the perfect opportunity to lean in, creating a uniquely card shape. We accented that with a classic little grosgrain ribbon to ~tie~ (wink wink) it back to the original concept. Laura is a kindred spirit, drawn into the creative side of life, just like us! Take a peek below to learn about the ins and outs of her days and peek at some of the aesthetic-amazingness that comes out of her workshop! 

Spill it! Introductions, please!

Hi, I’m Laura Bosshardt! I am a calligrapher, illustrator and stationer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My day-to-day consists of penning envelopes, tying up ribbons, and creating bespoke stationery for my business, Laura Lines Calligraphy (Lines is actually my middle name!). I often enjoy a green juice alongside a Reese's. It's the 'balanced' fuel I need for this work! I have also been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years, and we have a precious toddler son.

Can you tell us a bit about your career path, starting your own business.

Before I was in the creative industry, I was a neonatal nurse. I loved the work I did, but I knew I wanted a creative career. It wasn't until I picked up calligraphy as a hobby that I realized this would be my new career path. I started by doing small projects for family and friends, and that grew to working with stationers in the wedding industry. One stationer encouraged me to promote my illustrations, and that led me to designing bespoke pieces. There have been many learning lessons along the way, but I am so happy that I kept moving forward and challenging myself to grow throughout the process!

Best piece of career advice?

I have a propensity to doubt myself, and being in a creative industry, I feel a great amount of imposter syndrome. This has challenged me to develop confidence and to keep persistently working toward my goals. I have let my business grow organically which has allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with both fellow industry creatives as well as clients. I am thankful for the opportunities that have come my way and I don't take that for granted. A friend once told me to figure out what my north star is, and I'm working toward that every day!

You have such a unique style that seems to transcend all your work, yet each piece feels unique! How do you manage your artistic style with your clients aesthetics?

My versatility has proven to be a great strength in my work. While I have some clients that are looking for something classic and tailored, others give me permission to “go all out” with color and illustration. Both scenarios are equally exciting to me! I always strive to exceed the client's expectations and deliver an end product that wows! At the end of the day, I want the client to be really happy with the final product, and I'm willing to go the extra mile to make their creative dreams a reality.

We love the fun stamps you use on so many of your envelopes—is that something our readers can add to their correspondence from home? Do you have any sources you can share?

Stamp curation might be one of my favorite aspects of the job! I could spend hours curating the perfect stamp combinations for my clients. I love to tell a story with the stamps. Whether it's a collection that reflects the wedding location or pays homage to the clients' hometown, stamps add such a personal touch. Etsy is a great go-to source! There are so many pre-curated collections to choose from.

So much love and energy goes into creating the invitations, announcements, or correspondence cards you create. Any tips on how to memorialize them? Have you had clients do anything really special to use your paper goods as a keepsake?

I personally have hoards of samples stowed away in boxes, yet to be displayed! Thankfully my clients are far more proactive than I am in this arena! You can't go wrong with a birth announcement framed with an oversized mat and a vintage frame. I've also had clients embroider my illustrations on things like cocktail napkins or kitchen towels - Mary Mack Houston is the go-to for all the fine embroidery detail! Her attention to detail is unmatched. Another client had this special glass box made featuring a commissioned calligraphy piece I did!

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