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Spill It! Introductions, please!

Hi! I am Emily Hammer, founder of lifestyle brand Edith Hour which launched in the summer of 2019. I am from Houston and went to college at Ohio Wesleyan where I studied Psychology but always worked in retail over the summers and started a blog my sophomore year (pre-Instagram, *gasp*) and then ended up working in different realms of retail, social media, and PR before starting Edith Hour. Outside of work you can usually find me snacking on something sweet or salty (I don’t discriminate against snacks haha), deep into Facebook Marketplace finding gems for me and my husband’s first home, and of course online shopping! 

Can you tell us how your brand, Edith Hour came to be?

Edith Hour came from the desire to create a relatable brand that offered women of all ages sleep and loungewear that makes you feel put together no matter what you’re doing and is what I call, ‘houseguest appropriate’ – aka no need to worry about changing when your Father-in-Law is in town or you’re staying at a family’s house. 

Did you always know that you wanted to create your own business? 

Yes, I didn’t always know what it would be, but I always wanted to create something. When I started telling my friends and family it was no surprise. 

We love that Edith Hour is about investing time in yourself and your self-care. What is your favorite way to unplug, relax, and take time for yourself?

I have two very opposite ways I like to do this depending on my mood. The first one is going to my happy place…my bed with a great show, a good snack (controversial I know, but if you are careful with the crumbs, it’s just the best), and my husband knowing only to come in to discuss dinner haha! 

The second is bopping around town on a beautiful day with an iced coffee and a shopping list! I love popping into all my favorite shops and seeing what they have and picking up a few things on and not on my list. 

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? 

Oh, that is so hard, but I think the Becky Shirt in white. In the spring/summer I really push the envelope of how often I go from wearing it to bed/as loungewear to styling it with jeans and going to lunch! 

When it comes to robes, we believe that comfort is key and it looks like you do too! What makes The Ready Robe stand out?

I believe you deserve to feel put together no matter what you are getting ready for, and I designed The Ready Robe to be just that! No matter if you’re in your robe doing full glam or breastfeeding your babe you are wearing a classic piece that can give you a little boost! 

What’s your favorite way to style your new N&C bag?

Ideally, my Traveler Bag is in the overhead compartment of a flight headed somewhere amazing! So with that, I am styling my bag with my favorite travel outfit – leggings, a boxy stripe tee, sneakers, and either a denim jacket or cardigan. 

What are your top three N&C wish list items?

  1. The Large Vanity Case 
  2. The Weekender
  3. The Travel Tote 

Spill it! Can we take a look inside your bag right now?

Right now my Traveler Bag is packed up ready for my 1st anniversary trip to Commodore Perry Estate in Austin and has: a fun Zara pant and top set, a new feminine dress from Fanm Mon, Mara Hoffman coverup, backup tops, and a few pieces of my husbands. And then in the amazing pockets, I have some wardrobe accessories like sticky boobs, and a pair of flats! 

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