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Spill It! Introductions, please!

Caroline Gilroy…present 🙋‍♀️ Mom to Grace and Rory (and baby girl on the way!), Co-Founder of Couper and constantly looking to book our next spontaneous family trip!
Agee Gretta Leinberry here! Co-Founder of Couper, self-proclaimed martini connoisseur and bonafide beauty junkie.

Can you tell us how Couper came to be?

A little over five years ago we met through our husbands at a blackjack table in Atlantic City. Fast forward four years and we sought out to use our combined experience in the tech and fashion industries to create a unique e-commerce platform that values limited edition wearable art. We noticed people wearing the same few designers in the same expected silhouettes to weddings and events, and found the market to be incredibly homogenous.

Did you always know that you wanted to create your own business?

Caroline - 100%, it was just a question of how and when. Having experiences at places like Tory Burch & Salesforce really helped lay the foundation for Couper… I just needed to find my secret sauce in Agee to get Couper off the ground!

Agee - without a doubt!! Out of college I launched a swimwear company and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

How/where do you find your inspiration for your collections and collaborations?

We’ve cultivated many of our collaborations through brands we discovered through social - instagram, pinterest etc. We will spend days scrolling through Instagram to find under the radar brands that aren’t oversaturated yet, and then ensure the items are true to our aesthetic and that we’d personally want to be wearing each piece. We’re always inspired by an elevated party girl - so certainly have a focus on occasion wear.

How would you describe your personal style and who/what has influenced it the most?

Caroline - this is always such a tricky question, for both of us actually! My style is constantly “on-the-go” and honestly whatever I am liking at the moment! I gravitate toward bold prints, patterns and colors, and always pair back to a statement piece of jewelry - typically an earring. I’m always more inspired by classic elegance, so my grandmother is always a go-to inspiration!

Agee - There are plenty of days where I want to be a modern minimalist, and many where I believe more is more! I guess you’d say my style is unpredictable, but I do love mixing masculine and feminine silhouettes. Anything super girly has to have an edgy twist.

What are a few of the best styling tips you’ve learned over the years?

Caroline - layer, layer, layer! Whether it’s jewelry, sweaters or dresses and tops - layering will always give an extra flare and unexpected twist!

Agee - Never be scared to experiment with color and avant garde details! Playing with proportion is KEY to a chic and effortless look. I rarely wear two fitted items or two loose items together. Always find the right juxtaposition with your silhouettes.

Do you have a favorite piece from our collection and why?

Caroline - I think I’ve already mentioned statement earrings like 6 times now, so will hands down have to be the jewelry case!

Agee - As a lover of statement jewelry, I too am OBSESSED with the jewelry case - but the carry on roller is the best little weekender!!

Spill it! Can we take a look inside your bag right now?

Caroline - well, to be honest, my bag is quiiite the hodgepodge currently. My ride or die is my Neely and Chloe travel wallet since I am always on the move - it holds everything I need including all of the kids documents. You’ll also find a diaper… or 5, lots of stickers and of course snacks and juice cups. Moms - don’t sleep on the Camelback thermos!

Agee - You’ll find a plethora of skincare, makeup and always multiple sunglass options. I’m currently loving Dior Lip Glow Oil, Shisedo Ultimate Sun Protector SPF 50 and Ilia Cheek Tints. My trusty Saint Laurent card case is always by my side and don’t be shocked if you find matchbooks from assorted restaurants! I always seem to pick them up during my travels. 



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