Spill it! with Annabel Gatto

What is your go-to accessory to pair with the 24/7 Blazer?

Gold hoops for anything casual and pearls for anything professional or formal!

Has the global pandemic and current work from home trend influenced your outlook on expanding your collection, specifically in terms of what the camera sees? At Suitably we simplify the process of shopping for work or your next Zoom call. Women no longer need a closet full of work clothes and when it comes to workwear, most women want to invest in high quality pieces that will last and won’t go out of style. This is true now and it was true before the pandemic. Every professional woman needs at least one of the pieces in our collection. I believe our value proposition, and our under $100 price point, has led to Suitably’s success during this unprecedented time. We are in the process of restocking sold out sizes from the launch collection soon as we have built a wait list for sold out sizes. Looking to the future, we’re currently developing new products that are complementary to our current collection and adding a few “work from anywhere” capsule pieces. We leverage data from our community to drive all of Suitably’s design decisions. This has always been our approach to product development and is even more critical now. What advice would you give females entering the workforce from home, without the ability to walk confidently into the office on the first day of work?

Confidence comes from within but a great outfit certainly doesn’t hurt. For jobs that are starting virtually, a great first impression matters - this starts with what you’re wearing on top! It’s important to pick something you feel confident in, comfortable in and something that is appropriate for the industry you’re working in. We actually made a WFH zoom outfit guide by industry to help women know where to start. Who has been your fashion inspiration while growing your brand?

My ultimate inspiration comes from the amazing women in our Suitably community. We opted to skip the typical fashion designer process and instead enlist the opinions of real women to design staple pieces and bring to life pieces that women need. We used proprietary data to crowdsource what mattered and what styles our community of professional women liked best. All of Suitably’s garments have been thoughtfully designed and made to be closet staples that stand the test of time. As businesses start opening back up, where is the first place you want to go that you have been dying to get back to?

Our favorite Upper West Side Italian Restaurant, Arco Cafe, opened back up earlier this summer. We were so happy when it opened back up. It is incredibly charming. We have been on many outdoor date nights there since it reopened. Their malloreddos and broccoli rabe are to die for! What is your favorite weekend activity?

Central Park walks with my husband and our two and a half year old dog, Theodore! The park is so beautiful, peaceful and there’s nothing like getting to see the seasons change around you in the park. Theodore loves exploring new spots and my husband and I cherish these family walks. Spill it! Can we look inside your bag right now?

iphone Airpods Card holder on a chain Keys Hand sanitizer Face mask Battery pack Cosmetics bag with lip glosses, lip liner and a mini first aid kit Hair clips + emi jays

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