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Addison Bay Founder Marghi AdzickSpill it! Introductions, please!

Hi hi! I am Marguerite Adzick - Founder and CEO of Addison Bay, a fashion forward activewear company. I started Addison Bay in 2018 after resigning from a job that I loved and haven’t looked back since. In the five years since we launched, we have grown our e-commerce business substantially, we’re carried by major retailers, we opened two brick and mortar stores in New Jersey and Philadelphia and I have been lucky enough to welcome three beautiful children. 
Addison Bay Founder Marghi Adzick

Let’s get the rundown on Addison Bay and how it came to be!

Prior to launching Addison Bay, I attended The University of Virginia, where I played Division I lacrosse. After leaving the world as a collegiate athlete, I dove into the fashion industry working at Lilly Pulitzer right out of college and worked on the marketing team for seven years. While living in Center City Philadelphia, I noticed women walking around the city and frequenting popular restaurants…in leggings. I knew busy, on-the-go women, like myself, were trying to find activewear that was polished yet comfortable - providing one look that could be worn from school drop off, straight into the office, on to drinks with my husband, and home with our kids. Recognizing a need for polished activewear that can be worn from 7am to 7pm, Addison Bay took shape and launched in September of 2018. I resigned from a job that I loved – at six months pregnant – to start Addison Bay, with the idea that elevated activewear would become the everyday wardrobe and we could provide consumers with more stylish options. It’s been four years and we are really hitting our stride - very excited for all of the great things to come!

Addison Bay Founder Marghi Adzick

Mom, entrepreneur, you do it all– how do you keep your cool with so many balls in the air?

Simply put, I am just trying my very best. Since taking on both roles, my goal has been to be fully present wherever I am. When I’m at the office, I’m fully present with my team to be the best possible leader of the company and when I’m at home, I’m fully present with my husband and children to be the best possible wife/mother. Some days, I feel like I’m crushing both roles and some days, I feel like the worst at everything - the rollercoaster is real and I just keep trying to move the company and my family in the right direction. 

Addison Bay Founder Marghi AdzickWe’ve loved working with you on our new collection! How does working with another brand change the way you create collections at Addison Bay? 

Right back at you! It’s so fun to collaborate with other brands on a collection - it’s a true meeting of the minds. I think the most important element is to ensure that it reflects both company’s brand positioning and this collection does just that. 

What’s your favorite product from the collection?

That’s like picking my favorite child! If I had to choose, I’m going with the Weekender. I used it to travel to Italy last August (yes, we’ve been working on this collaboration for that long :)) and it was perfectly spacious for the kids snacks/entertainment/trash/toys. It’s also beautifully coated and durable to protect from inevitable coffee spills, sticky kid fingers, and travel ickiness. 

The Weekender x Addison Bay

And now for a round of rapid fire questions…

  1. Guilty pleasure work out song:
    I love a 90’s Spice Girls throw back - ‘Wannabe’ is just the best. 
  2. Last tv show you finished:
    Just binged the old Gossip Girl seasons and it was incredible. 
  3. Next up on your list:
    Summer House - my true guilty pleasure in life is trashy TV. Life can be so serious and reality/trash TV is light and easy!
  4. Favorite newsletter subscription:
    Retail Brew 
  5. Last photo you saved on IG?
    We’re in the beginning stages of a big kitchen/living room renovation and Instagram has been targeting me with some swoon worthy interior moments. This gem caught my eye. 
  6. Happy hour drink of choice:
    Casa Amigos Reposado, club soda, lime 
  7. Next dream vacation:
    Domestic - Blackberry Farm is next on our list. International - Amalfi Coast! 

Spill it! Can we take a look inside your N&C x Addison Collection bag right now? 

My bag is my life line - everything possible lives in there without weighing me down (too much). I have everything from a toothbrush/toothpaste to Westman Atelier for myself and Water Wipes to stickers for my kiddos. Add in computer and phone chargers, laptop, 8 pairs of sunnies, and snacks. I’m a huge bag in a bag gal. Everything has a place within my bag. 

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