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Spill It! With Sarah Corrigan

At Neely & Chloe we believe that luxury comes in many forms - and in the case of our latest Spill It! interview - many flowers. Enter Sarah Corrigan of Leblum. Simply put, Sarah is on a mission to create an accessible destination for people to discover and purchase the most beautiful flowers at a fair price point. As huge fans of anything floral, and with Spring's highly anticipated arrival, we were excited to spend some time with Sarah back at our Franklin Street Studio after touring her chic (and flower-filled) Upper East Side home. Read and listen on for our full chat with Sarah who shared more of her world along with what ampersand essentials we'll always find in her bag.

Spill It! What is Leblum and why is it important for the business to be in NYC? Leblum is your immediate access to shop directly from the wholesale flower market and nearby growers. It is so important to be here - bodegas serve their purpose, but they do not do this dynamic and inspiring industry its justice! To be able to create a marketplace that reflects the craft and quality that is out there - and does so in a way that is affordable - is something I think New Yorkers, especially, really appreciate.

Spill It! Introductions, please! Hi! I am Sarah Corrigan founder of Leblum and previously the owner at Elan Flowers in TriBeCa.

Spill It! In your opinion what kind of flower deserves more love? My goodness, all of them! But I suppose roses and hydrangea have gotten a bad rap as being too common or pedestrian. I consider them both timeless classics who have earned their place! As well, growers are creating new and amazing varietals every season so they are definitely not stems that should ever be easily dismissed.

Spill It! What are your garden ampersand essentials? A wide-brimmed hat & a great pair of pruners. The difference between gardening and yard work is having the right tools - so I tend to travel with my own pair of shears just in case.

Spill It! Would you say your love of flowers has translated into your style? How do you like to wear or style flowers in your everyday look? I try hard not to wear flowers - but it can be tough for me to hold back at times! My style in work or at home are both about neutrals - fresh flowers or floral prints are more of a revolving accent in both.

Spill It! What are your favorite springtime traditions? Planting my window boxes - I miss not waking up to a garden, so I take care of my houseplants and window sills as if they are Versailles.

Spill It! Can we look inside your bag right now? Yes! You’ll find my phone and keys, lip balm, probably one of my dog’s toys and a pair of pruners.

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