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To celebrate the launch of our Fall '17 collection, Chloe and I are ecstatic to share a few behind the scenes moments from our seasonal photo shoot!

From styling to production, Chloe and I love working together (and with the rest of our team) to create something that brings the Neely & Chloe brand to life. It's funny though - looking back on our very first shoot, we're realizing just how much outside support and guidance we needed - but what can we say? We were newbies! Luckily, we worked with our branding agency to go through all the steps, and we were sure to soak up every moment of the exciting (and momentous) day.
Since then, we’ve picked up a few tricks ourselves, and we’ve been able to get leaner and a little more self-sufficient by doing the styling and hair and makeup ourselves. I’ve even started taking all our product shots. Even still, we leave it to the pros for the lifestyle imagery - and call in those favors with pals who have modeled one or twice in the past. It’s been so interesting to learn about this side of the business, and I think what’s been the most fun to see is that with each season the images feel more and more like our brand.
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"One of my favorite styles from this season is our Market Tote in Olive! It’s the perfect addition to a weekday or weekend outfit and goes perfectly with a trench for a chilly fall day or while bopping around in jeans and a sweater during the weekend." - Neely I personally love the whole process from start to finish - especially the thought of bringing something from idea to conception. Logistically, there’s a good amount of prep that happens before the actual shoot. We start by pulling inspiration images, then begin to select the products, fill in outfits for each item, and then before we know it, it’s shoot day! But we can't forget the most important (and Chloe's favorite) part of the process: Shopping. We spend at least a few hours bopping around stores finding a few key items for the shoot. We then fill in the blanks with our favorite pieces from each of our closets - we want to make sure the shoot feels like us - and the brand.
"I am in love with our Canteen bag, mostly because it looks like an actual canteen! I think the colors make it clean and classic, but the shape adds some trend. You can throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt, and it elevates your whole outfit!" - Chloe The day of, Chloe is usually the one keeping us on track. She’s great at ensuring everything runs according to plan while I typically focus on the creative aspects. How are the outfits coming together? Should we switch out one bag for the other? Is the shot
missing something? These are just a few of the questions that are on my mind as we work to get the perfect shot. Even though we plan and plan and plan, we’re always ready to roll with the punches because each shoot is a little different and usually we end up with something pretty special - we're happy to say that this season was no different.
But no matter what stage we're at in our business, our goal is to share more of our process with you! Even more importantly, we want to show you how we get from start to finish and showcase all of the behind-the-scenes action that happens here at our Tribeca office. Want to hear about something else? Spill it! Your input is essential as we continue to create your perfect handbag. - Neely Burch
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