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This summer has been a season of nonstop travel for Chloe and me. From family trips to our Airstream Tour, there hasn't been a dull moment! Recently, our travels took us down south to Austin, Texas where I packed my (many) bags and personally got a chance to experience the city like a local.
From the time I got out of the car, I immediately felt that the energy was entirely different. Overall, I just loved the easy-going nature and relaxed atmosphere of all the shops, restaurants, and bars. Before heading off to The Domain for our Airstream Tour, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in the neighborhood and take advantage of some of the outdoor activities Austin has to offer. I particularly loved the entire South Congress area. While there, I popped into a bunch of shops on the street like By George and Sunroom (I had to use all my willpower to spare my poor credit card - if you go, you'll see why!). After window-shopping, I sat down for a much-needed iced coffee at Café No Se for some respite from the summer heat. Located at South Congress Hotel, this local gem is a great place to reboot or answer all of those emails you’ve been ignoring on vacation - Which is exactly what I did. So naturally, after finishing up some work, I ended the day at Hotel San Jose for a little frosé - a picturesque setting for a happy hour cocktail.
While venturing around town, I also got a sense of the city style. Austin has such a unique look - the style mirrors the chic yet casual vibe of the city - and a few Neely & Chloe additions to that - especially in our summer canvas or classic colors like cognac - add the perfect finishing touch to that aesthetic. I think the great thing about our product is that it can fit seamlessly into so many different looks. The clean, understated nature of the bags gives you so much room to play around when it comes to styling them in your look. After introducing our brand to Austin residents, I'm excited to see how Neely & Chloe will fit into the fashion mix!
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Looking back on the trip, I'd say that Austin is the perfect spot for a long weekend away. Whether it's your next girls trip or romantic getaway, there's just about something for everyone! - Neely Burch
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