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You went to SMU, how did you decide on NYC after graduation? Were there any other spots in the running?

I’ve wanted to live in NYC for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love it here. I also knew I wanted to work in magazines and there’s really nowhere else you can be. There was one week of senior year where I decided I’d move to Aspen… sigh.

Have you always been interested in Architecture and interior design?

Yes. I grew up in Arizona and the architecture and design styles there are so different from anywhere else in the country. I’m sure that had an effect. I also just love beautiful things.

Where does your personal design inspiration come from?

All over the place. I have a huge collection of design books at my apartment that I love to flip through – from guys like Billy Baldwin, David Hicks, and Albert Hadley. Mark Hampton’s watercolors are some of my favorite things in the world. I’m also obsessed with any Indian block-printed textile.

Do you think there’s any overlap between your design aesthetic and fashion sense?

Definitely. I have a kaftan in the same fabric as my curtains…

What was the first handbag you ever owned?

A fake pink quilted Chanel bag that a friend got for me in Mexico. Also had a LOT of Lisa Frank. I used to send her fan mail.

How many bags do you currently own?

No clue. Not very many. I’m usually carrying around an LL Bean bag stuffed with gym clothes and fabric samples.

What makes a bag obsession worthy?


What’s the one item you always have in your bag?

A hairbrush

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever toted around for far too long?

I’ve had a lemon in my bag for a week.

We had the pleasure of meeting Madeline O’Malley, Assistant Market Editor at Architectural Digest, a few weeks ago in our Tribeca showroom. She told us all about her passion for the magazine industry, her time at SMU, and her love for NYC. Read below to get to know Madeline a little better and see what’s in her bag!

Embroidered jean trend…yes or no?

Not a huge jeans person, but embroidery never hurt anything

Are you riding on Alessandro Michele’s high speed Gucci train

More about the florals than the tigers, but yes.

Spill It: Most embarrassing moment this year

Generally trip & falls

Spill It: Who is your girl crush?

Slim Keith

Spill It: How social media obsessed are you?

Totally addicted to Instagram

Spill It: What is the last fib you told on social media

Is styling an Instagram fibbing?

Spill It: Can we look inside your bag right now?

But of course

drawing drawing
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