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From Me To You

We’re always inspired by what the women around us have managed to achieve, and we're lucky to be building our brand during a time when women striking out on their own is not only allowed, but encouraged! On that note, we work with a great team of women in a variety of ways, and each of them supports us and helps further the N&C brand. So, with Valentine's Day (or in this case, Galentine's Day!) coming up, we're paying homage to the women in our lives who make it all worth it.
"I gave Neely the ‘In the Company of Women’ book because it’s always nice to have some inspiration, especially when things get hard. It’s a great reminder that at the end of the day, Neely & Chloe is a part of something bigger; a world of successful women entrepreneurs that have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are." - Lindsay This year, we've kicked off a new tradition with an office gift exchange during the day, similar to Secret Santa. Our team exchanged a fun gift package which included both a little trinket along with a select Neely & Chloe product that we knew our giftee had been eyeing (read: obsessing over).
"I gave Lindsay the 'New York Louis Vuitton City Guide' because she recently moved to NYC. This book has a ton of great suggestions of things to do in the city, places to eat, and most importantly the best shopping spots! Being new to the city, it’s always fun to try restaurants and window shop with friends for inspiration." - Chloe Generally speaking, we love personalized gifts for a special occasion. At our workshop, you can customize your N&C products in a number of different ways. For instance, there’s always the classic monogram or initials. Our favorite twist on this approach is when we see people putting these details IN their bag rather than on the outside - it’s a little understated but still feels like it's something that's unique to you. You can also add a little note on the product with something even more personal. And if you really want to go all out, hand painting is perfect, as we work with one of our local artists to create anything you can imagine!
"For my N&C gift to Neely, I gave her our highly coveted Market Tote in Olive. Because the Market Tote was selected for Oprah’s Favorite Things, it is really a symbol of the progress the company has made and the anticipation of what is yet to come." - Eliza We’re also big fans of experiences like a weekend getaway or a luxurious meal at one of the city's newly-opened restaurants (that’s maybe a little bit out of the price range for your average Tuesday). Speaking of get-togethers, we'll be opening up our studio to toast to some of our favorite ladies in honor of Galentine’s Day!
"Eliza works so hard on all our production and product development, so when I saw the Loewe elephant, I thought it would be the perfect little desk accessory." - Neely But with Galentine's Day aside, we're big believers in celebrating our best girlfriends by giving them the gift of accessible luxury all year round. Cheers to the women in our lives and follow along on social media as we share highlights from our event! - Neely
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