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Lake PJ’s

"These maternity PJ’s are great! They unbutton so easy for nursing. The cotton is so soft!" -CBS

Face Cream

"Neely gave this to me for Christmas. It’s definitely an indulgence but it works wonders. I’ve heard the hospital is really dry so wanted something to rejuvenate my skin." - CBS

Maternity Underwear

"I saw these on someone’s Instagram and decided to give them a try. They are really high quality and are very comfortable!" -CBS

Nursing Bra

"I have been loving gap for my pregnancy and I think will be great for postpartum as well." -CBS


"Thought these could be nice to wear home! They are comfy and super loose." - CBS 


"My go-to’s. I love supergas so much so will definitely pack them to wear home!" -CBS 


"I got this for Christmas and I’ve heard it’s always good to have a robe in the hospital!" -CBS


Laneige Face Kit

"Their lip balm is amazing! Again, so important for the hospital since it’s so dry!" -CBS 


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