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All Aboard the Airstream

All aboard! This summer we're on the road to bring Neely & Chloe around the U.S. (and yes, okay, maybe to indulge our inner travel bug too).
When it comes to the tour itself, we had a little too much fun mapping out which cities to include in our cross-country journey - But in the end, we narrowed it down to include some of the best and brightest places. For starters, we're traveling to some of the cities simply because we know we have a following there (looking at you Atlanta and Chicago). We also paid close attention to where our online customers and New York visitors were coming from too. Other cities, like Charlotte, we are testing out. The wonderful thing about the airstream (and pop-ups in general) is that it gives us the opportunity to test new markets without committing to anything long term. With this tour, we're excited to learn a little more about each city.
With summer in full swing, we've been reflecting on how much of a journey it was to get this exciting project off the ground. A real labor of love, putting our airstream together was a challenge because you're working in a relatively tight space - only a few hundred square feet to be exact. So, we wanted to make the most out of the space while bringing a certain attitude to life in our decor. From design to branding, we have sought to incorporate classic concepts that feel timeless in everything that we do. We're proud to say the airstream falls into this category - a little like air travel in the Pan-Am days or the look of a classic steamer trunk - we love the idea of taking classic concepts and modernizing them to fit our customer's needs.
Now in motion, the airstream itself brings a unique environment to the shopping experience - we see it time and time again - it's a bit of a showstopper! It's funny; we've been pleasantly surprised at seeing how guys react once seeing it all in person. Everywhere we go we have men who come by that want to know about how we built it, how we tow it, and more. Then (even better) they snag a card case! So ladies when you come by, feel free to bring your dads, brothers, boyfriends or husbands - we'll give them the rundown! With that said, at each stop, ALL of our shoppers can expect a very personal experience with one of our top Neely & Chloe team members. You will learn about the brand, get to know our story, and most importantly, be able to purchase on the spot. We will also have our embossing machine along for the ride so you can even take home your personalized product then and there.
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We wanted to allow our shoppers that instant gratification. For us, the ability to offer a product in person - to touch, feel, and see it - is an incredibly important part of the shopping experience. That has been a core value of our brand and something that we see our customers appreciate every time we engage with them in person. We hope to use the airstream to give people around the country the chance to learn about our brand, become familiar with our product and get to know us. You can also expect postcards, dispatches, and travel diaries from the tour here on Ampersand. Until then, we'll see you on the road!
- Neely and Chloe Burch
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