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The Holiday Collection is an attainable take on Winter indulgence, at the time of year to treat yourself or someone else. Our new arrivals are defined by dark, rich leathers, opulent hardware and unashamedly ostentaious glitter.

As our country- and the world- faces an unprecedented challenge, we all need to work together to mitigate the impact on our health services, our economy and our state of mind. It is important that those who are able, continue to run their businesses. Those of us that can continue to contribute to the economy, should do so. It is important that we still shop small, that we still support local businesses in our community and those in service industries.
We have always cultivated an honest relationship with our customers and sought to be as transparent with you as we possibly can. We know that you all are dealing with similar challenges and hurtles in your own lives and work, so we want to share little more about what we’re encountering and how we’re planning to push beyond it. With retail stores across the country temporarily closed, a great many of our wholesale partners are unable to accept their spring 2020 orders, including products already in our warehouse to ship. While challenging for us from a operational standpoint, we’re most upset about limiting your access to Neely & Chloe.
Given the unprecedented and rapidly changing situation, we’ve decided to do something a little unorthodox in the retail world. While we’re all dealing with ups and downs of today, we will let our customers purchase at or as close to the wholesale price as possible. In addition to that, we will be creating our first ever clearance section on our website. Take advantage while you can! In the hope that we can help bring a little joy in challenging times and that Neely & Chloe can continue to contribute to our economy, support our team and create great product for you in the coming weeks, months and years.
We hope that it makes you all think of sunny days ahead, because there will be sunny days ahead. In addition, we will be donating 15% of proceeds to the small businesses that aren’t able to run uninterrupted over the coming weeks or months – restaurants, bars, those without an online presence. We have been so moved by our community support and team work (We’re all a team now, right!?) during the last few weeks and look forward to the new solutions we will all uncover together.xx

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