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Have you ever looked at someone, and just thought to yourself, “Wow, she’s complete goals?” Today’s Spill It! interview will more than likely elicit that response. Enter Nicole Loher, a Brooklyn-based Creative Strategist by day and triathlete by night (or whatever time of day you consider 4:30 AM, which is when Nicole starts her training session!).

Athletics aside, Nicole has pulled her strength from a deeper place and was kind enough to spill how she’s managed to overcome obstacles and empower those around her. As Nicole (and those closest to her) like to say, “Believe achieve, doubt you’re out.”

From her everyday essentials to her thoughts on social media, read (and listen!) on for more from our sit down with Nicole.


Spill It! Introductions, please!

Hello! I’m Nicole Loher – I’m a Creative Strategist at Small Girls PR in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a competitive triathlete. Things that are important to me right now are family – one of my relatives was just diagnosed with cancer so spending time with them as often as possible is SO crucial. In my work, it’s making sure I’m doing the best for my Smalls every single day. And for style – comfort x style.


Spill It! Your style is super minimal which we love. Has it always been that way? What role do accessories play a role in your everyday look?

NO! I used to be much more eccentric in the way I dressed. These days I dress for comfort and always make sure whatever I’m wearing can cross from the office to a workout class. That being said, I’m BIG on accessories. I love a great, big leather tote or backpack because I’m always jumping from work to a gym session or to a meeting or dinner. I essentially live out of whatever bag I’m carrying for the day!


Spill It! Looking back on all that you’ve accomplished, what’s the one thing you’re most proud of overcoming?

The fear of not having a job in favor of finding happiness.


Spill it! Social media is great but___ (fill in the blank).

Social media is great but enjoying tacos with friends off the grid is much better. 😉


Spill It! What’s your advice for those looking to find a healthy balance between fashion and fitness?

Health is wealth!


Spill It! What are your triathlon ampersand essentials?

I always carry a water bottle & a pair of headphones!


Spill It! What’s the funniest thing you’ve either carried or found inside your bag and why?

On our company retreats, we have these super amazing bright pink and glittery DIY company superlatives, and I got “Most Likely To Be Awake Before You.” I kept that in my bag for months.


Spill It! Can we look inside your bag right now?

TOTALLY. You’ll find a pair of running sneakers, a pair of cycling shoes, a change of workout clothes, a day full of meals/snacks, a laptop, and a 40oz water bottle.


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