We make precious things – items of quality and beauty – that are to be used for years. We believe that great design stirs our emotional connection to a product. The mark of luxury is not it’s price or a logo – it is the inherent beauty, quality and usefulness of something special and worth keeping. Luxury should never be out of reach. We have sought to create a line of handbags and shoes that redefines luxury.

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When we think of fashion, Meredith Melling instantly comes to mind. The seasoned industry veteran got her start at Vogue, otherwise known as the holy grail. She later called upon her experiences and went on to co-found not one, but two companies, La Marque and La Ligne.

Meredith embodies the “&” lifestyle to a (perfectly striped) T. Needless to say, we’re huge fans of Meredith and all that she does, and are thrilled to feature her in our latest Spill It! episode. Before we spill any secrets, read on for more from our visit at Meredith’s gorgeous Soho loft and enjoy our conversation on getting involved, ambition, and all things fall.

Spill It! Introductions, please!
Hi, I’m Meredith Melling, co-founder of La Ligne and La Marque.

Spill It! At Neely & Chloe, we’re all about providing accessible luxury for all women. What are your thoughts on accessible luxury and what does it mean to you and your wardrobe?
Luxury is a loose term for me – for instance, a quiet morning uninterrupted by children or pets is quite a luxury in my life. In terms of fashion, luxury is less about what things cost but how I feel in them and how much I wear them. It’s not a luxury to me if it just sits in my closet unworn.


Spill It! We love La Ligne – and stripes – but tell us about your first love affair with stripes. How has this pattern been a constant in your style?
My love affair with stripes began with Saint James in high school. I wore their classic long sleeve white tee with navy stripes everywhere – to class, after lacrosse practice, to school dances… and I wore it very oversized. I think I might have even bought the men’s version!


Spill it! As a fashion maven what would you say are your go-to sartorial ampersand essentials?
Stripes & leopard. Stripes & Levi’s. Stripes & and a messy top knot bun.


Spill It! Biggest lesson learned from your experiences in styling/with La Marque? Sweat the small stuff. It’s important.


Spill It! Do you remember your first handbag?
My first handbags were stolen from my mother’s closet, but the very first handbag I purchased for myself was a Fendi Baguette (at a sample sale). It was the signature bag of Carrie Bradshaw, so of course, I had to have one (and still have it to this day).


Spill It! Can we look inside your bag right now?
You’ll find very little surprisingly! Inside I have my iPhone, my Stella McCartney wallet that is technically a sunglasses case, headphones, a pen, Cle de Peau lip balm, and concealer. Viola.

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