Neely & Chloe


Living in NYC, you’re bound to meet inspiring people from all walks of life. Neely and I sure have, especially since launching the brand nearly one year ago. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newly relaunched Spill It! interview (and now podcast) series, which showcases some of our favorite N&C girls and their world.

To kick things off, we invited Emma Gray, Executive Women’s Editor at The Huffington Post, to come by our Franklin Street studio. While we didn’t ask her to spill what’s in her bag, instead, Emma gave us the details on all of the exciting things she has in the works. Did we mention we got a peek at her adorable Brooklyn apartment as well?

From working on her first book to reminiscing on her first bag, enjoy our interview with this talented storyteller.


Spill It! Introductions please!

Hey party people! I’m Emma Gray, HuffPost’s Executive Women’s Editor, a nearly-30- year-old, a podcaster with way too much knowledge about “The Bachelor,” and a soon- to-be author (eek!). My life/work/style priorities right now include finishing my manuscript for my book, A Girl’s Guide To Joining The Resistance, lifting up a diverse array of women’s voices and telling their stories through the platform we have at HuffPost Women, and continuing on my quest to find the perfect comfy-yet-stylish heel that I can run to the subway in.


Spill It! If you had to choose one article or piece you’ve worked on that best embodies your work at HuffPost which would it be and why?

I love this feature I got to write last year about the way women under 40 are using Tumblr to curate and surface porn that caters to what women actually want to see.


Spill It! What are your ampersand essentials?

I don’t leave the house without my metrocard & headphones.


Spill It! Do you remember your first handbag? If you had it with you at this point in your life, how would you style it now?

The first handbag I remember owning was a *fake* Kate Spade bag — one of those classic rainbow-striped knockoffs that you could haggle with guys on the street of Manhattan for, and the label would start peeling off after a few months of heavy use. LOL. If I still had it, I’d probably pair it with a pair of solid-color culottes, a crisp white button-up, and a statement necklace. (Plus some cute strappy shoes, because why not?)


Spill It! How would your best friend describe you in one sentence?

She’d probably say: “Emma is a ride-or-die BFF with an uncanny ability to recognize people on the street that she’s met once (or seen on a dating app).”


Spill It! Who is your “&” muse and how does this person inspire you to be the best version of yourself
Emma & Nancy – a.k.a. my wonderful mother! I always feel like it’s a bit of a cop-out to say your mom when answering these types of questions, but here we are. My mother is a warm, caring, brilliant person, and certainly the most supportive individual in my life. She also has gamely dealt with my many anxieties over the years, and for that I’m forever grateful. (And as an extra bonus, she also has an excellent sense of style!).


Spill It! When it comes to your style, what have you had to overcome to get to a place where you feel excited about your wardrobe?

The biggest thing I’ve had to overcome — and still work every day to overcome, because it’s a process — is society’s ideas about what makes a “good” body worthy of “good” clothing. Once you throw all those bullshit rules out the window and really just focus on finding pieces that are both fun and flattering on you, regardless of what they might look like on a model, fashion becomes an incredible form of self-expression.