Neely & Chloe

When it comes to mastering the art of style, we always look to our friend and collaborator Inslee Fariss. As one of New York’s most prominent fashion illustrators, Chloe and I love working with Inslee on our ongoing Day Planner collaboration, which includes Inslee’s custom hand-drawn fashion illustrations for each month.
As we turn the page on another season and head into the final months of 2017, we wanted to catch up with Inslee and hear her plans for the months ahead. From art to motherhood to collaboration, we’re proud to share today’s episode of Spill It! featuring Chloe and Inslee’s full conversation.

Spill It! Introductions, please!

Hello! I’m Inslee Fariss, and I am an artist based in NYC and the owner of my small business Inslee By Design. I create art and design products which showcase my art and love to collaborate with other small, women-run brands. My most recent collaboration was with Neely & Chloe actually!

Spill It! We love working with you on our Day Planner collaboration! What has been your favorite part of the process? Favorite illustration?

One of my favorite aspects of the collaboration is how beautifully the Neely & Chloe leather merges together with my paper each year (this is our second year of the collaboration). It’s a natural pairing, and the customer really responds to it as much as we do. And that’s my other favorite thing about the planner – getting to use it. You know you’ve got something great on your hands when you yourself can’t wait to take advantage of it. I’m especially looking forward to Derby Day this year, I love the little julep illustration I added to that page.

Spill I! Speaking of which, what’s on your agenda for the season ahead?

Neely & Chloe and I are in the midst of planning a holiday celebration for our collaboration, so it’s a goal to see that everything from the invite design to the actual event is planned and executed effectively (and to have fun doing it!). As for seasonal resolutions – this is my first holiday season with a new baby. I usually am a crazy workaholic from now until January, but I’m going to make a big effort to juggle this busy work season with also being present for baby Jackson and to savor seeing him discover this special time of year.

Spill It! As an illustrator, what would you say are your top ampersand essentials?

iPhone & charger! Duh! My phone is constantly in use for capturing images of inspiration, lists of ideas, staying on top of social media for my brand and fielding small-business management while on the go.

Spill It! In addition to an artist, you’re also a new mom! Why do you think it’s important to have a staple bag that accommodates your busy schedule and multifaceted life? What’s your favorite style from our current collection?

Haha…. All it takes is one outing with the baby when you’re under-equipped to handle a diaper disaster or wardrobe malfunction, and you’ll never leave home unprepared again. I currently use the Market Tote constantly. I love the structured way that it stands up on its own making it really easy to find things/stash things quickly. I use a diaper bag insert that happens to fit perfectly in there when I’m on mom duty that is stocked with Jackson’s gear, and then remove it and use it as a chic oversized purse for me when I’m out and about on my own (you know, like once every two weeks for ten minutes…. oh mom life).

Spill It! Can we look inside your bag right now?

At any given time, you’ll find my 2017 Neely & Chloe x Inslee Fariss day planner (which is now paint splattered and well-loved), three pairs of sunglasses, baby wipes, a dog leash and one of Jackson’s “emergency backup” outfits.

Spill It! A quick piece of wisdom you want to leave with the Neely & Chloe woman?

I have several life mantras that I keep circling in my head always that I’ve picked up from yoga class, art teachers, various people I admire… and while they’re all slightly varied, they all boil down to this: be present and enjoy the day you’re living. If you approach every obstacle, project, idea, problem, and meeting from this perspective, you’re on the right track.


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