We make precious things – items of quality and beauty – that are to be used for years. We believe that great design stirs our emotional connection to a product. The mark of luxury is not it’s price or a logo – it is the inherent beauty, quality and usefulness of something special and worth keeping. Luxury should never be out of reach. We have sought to create a line of handbags and shoes that redefines luxury.

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Every Friday we like to head out of the city for a little escape from the chaos of Manhattan. We do our best to implement “summer Fridays” that a lot of people around the city usually enjoy. Even though it’s just a few extra hours, getting to duck out of the office a few hours early brightens up the entire weekend!


Being in Tribeca is a plus, especially on the rare occasions we’re staying local for the weekend. It’s unique in so many ways, and living/working here is such a treat. The neighborhood has the perfect combination of great restaurants, beautiful architecture, and scenic cobblestone streets. While it’s a busy area by nature, it somehow still feels a little quieter than the rest of the city. It’s the perfect sanctuary in an otherwise bustling borough.


“Both The Canvas Tote and Day Bag are perfect for walking around the city. They are big enough to fit a laptop, hairbrush, and anything else that’s typically in your tote – but doesn’t look too bulky!”

After leaving our Franklin Street studio, we like to make our way down Franklin and enjoy the beauty of a summer day in the city. Lately, we’ve been spending (too much?!) time at Maman off Franklin and West Broadway. Their coffee is the perfect antidote to a crazy week, and we’ve made it our mission to sample everything on their menu.


“The Mini Lady Bag and Large Clutch are the perfect additions to your outfit for happy hour. They look great with jeans and a white tee, or you can dress them up with a summer sundress.”

Just across the street from Maman is Terra – another one of our other local favorites. Later in the day, and if it’s not too hot, we love sitting outside under the twinkling lights. It’s the perfect atmosphere to toast to another week in the books with our team

members or friends. Plus, it’s hard to beat a great pasta dish with a good glass of red wine on a summer night in New York.

These places are just a couple of spots we love to frequent when we have downtime in the neighborhood – We have so many other recommendations too. For instance, if you’re looking for a fancier dinner, definitely check out Locanda Verde. It’s a great date spot. Or if you’re craving Avocado toast, stop by Gotan. We also love Smith & Mills for a great little after dinner drink.

There’s so much to explore beyond our Franklin Street bubble; it’s hard to know where to start! Nevertheless, we plan to make the most out of our summer Fridays while the season is still going strong. We’ll be sure to share any new local finds with you here on Ampersand. Until then, happy weekend!

– Neely and Chloe

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