Neely & Chloe

Meet the new accessories brand
you’re about to become obsessed with.

Some of you know us already. To others, we’re brand new—and it’s time we got acquainted.
We’re Neely and Chloe, the founders of a soon-to-launch line of elevated, timeless and chic accessories.

We’re sisters, business partners and roommates. And we’ve been working around-the-clock since last fall to build a fashion brand from the ground up.
Our first collection launches in September, and it’s been quite an adventure.


We founded our brand on the premise that women who covet beautiful, well-made handbags and shoes shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for a more accessible price point. Because up until now, there’s only been three solutions out there for women who crave fashion-forward accessories. (None of them are ideal.)

You can borrow steal your mom’s designer accessories. But eventually all moms, even the really nice ones, are going to get tired of having their investment bags vanish from their closets.

You can opt for cheap handbags. At first, this seems like a great solution. But then, off comes a handle, a stud, the vegan leather dye (all over your cool new white pants). Quality costs something. And without it, you’re buying more, but you’re not satisfied, since you’re depriving yourself of something you really wanted.

You can budget…everything. This is our default position. We’ve gotten very good at bringing lunches to work, deleting our Uber app (just for a few weeks), and foregoing fancy coffee for the sub-par stuff from the office kitchen. But if you go this route, your love of handbags compromises the rest of your life.

We knew there was a better path—one that didn’t compel you to join the masses, but still offers chic sophistication at an attainable price. We decided to pave that path ourselves—and we knew just how to do it. From a young age, we’ve been exposed to the retail business and learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry. So when it was time to strike out on our own, we knew how to keep costs down while still creating quality accessories. We cut out the middleman and streamlined production—all the while flexing our style sensibility and our crazy attention to detail.  

The truth is, taste doesn’t have to come with a four-figure price tag. Investment pieces can be yours (without dipping into your 401K), giving you that rush of joy when you wear your bag for the 78th time—not just on day one.


Throughout summer, we will put the finishing touches on Neely & Chloe: from our brand to our marketing to the opening of our flagship store. And we’d love to have you all along for the ride. We’ll be keeping you updated on Instagram and by email. While we lift the curtain on the realities of launching a fashion startup, you’ll get exciting sneak peeks of our product line. Watch us as we try to keep our cool at high-profile meetings, avoid photo shoot mishaps, and sneak our office puppy into appointments.