The Changing Pad x Dondolo

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Length: 7"
Width: 9.5"
Depth: 1.5"

Length: 23.5"
Width: 18"

Texted Coated Canvas Exterior, Plasticized Lining


We do it all, everywhere, right?? Why not bring the N&C x Dondolo changing pad along to make things just a little simpler (and prettier). But don’t worry, we know this is dirty business :wink:. Cleanable, wipe-able, powerwash-able. Lay this little helper down on any surface for everything from a quick, seamless change to disaster control (these things happen, right??). The coated canvas exteriors will hold up to everything from the soccer field to the airport and the plasticized interior was born ready for any and all messes. Crises averted? Fold this guy up and tie all the memories inside with a quick bow (don’t worry, that’s plasticized too)