The Packing Cubes x Couper

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Small - Length: 6", Width: 6", Height: 3.75"
Medium - Length: 12", Width: 5", Height: 3.75"
Large - Length: 12", Width: 8.5", Height: 3.75"

Nylon, Plastic Zipper


As many of you know, we’re expert packers at Neely & Chloe. And what would expert packers with the chicest luggage on the market be without expert packing tools? Fear not! The N&C x Couper packing cubes are here! Constructed of durable, yet thin and packable, nylon, these packing cubes were thoughtfully created with all your wardrobe items in mind. The square for all your smallest unmentionables or just some silly old socks, the slim rectangle for bras, longer socks, rolled T-shirts (try it once, you’ll never go back), and the deep rectangle for items on the larger size. We recommend two sets for the small Steamer Trunk and up to three sets for the Large Steamer Trunk.