Spill It!: Madeline O’Malley

We had the pleasure of meeting Madeline O’Malley, assistant Market Editor at Architectural Digest, a few weeks ago in our Tribeca showroom.

Spill It!: Sophie Elgort

In some form or another, photography has always been a part of Sophie Elgort’s life. Whether it was on set with her dad Arthur Elgort, or snapping pictures of her friends for fun...

Spill It!: Stephanie Nass

Stephanie Nass developed her passion for cooking when she was in high school in France. Today, Stephanie is known as Chefanie: a professional chef who brings her creative sense to the table.

Spill It!: Neely & Chloe

To kick off our new series 'Spill It!' Neely and Chloe answered the quick fire questions our upcoming guests will be tested with and we take a look inside Neely's handbag

185 Franklin Street: The Atelier

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we’ve moved! It’s been a busy winter here at Neely & Chloe and as spring creeps in (finally), we’re excited to share a new chapter with you.

Do it Yourself

So have you all been to visit us yet on Bleecker Street? If so, thanks for swinging by. If not, here is a little sneak peak at the design—that we’re think will grab your interest...

Let’s Talk About Photoshoots

In our mind’s eye they are amazingly thrilling. A day filled with bright lights, wind fans, maybe… Gigi Hadid? The photo shoot was always one of those components of the business that we envisioned to be sort of spectacular...

Hello, World

Meet the new accessories brand you’re about to become obsessed with.